When I was still in college, I was so ambitious. On my early years, I wanted to be one of the dean’s listers in every school year I was in so I will be able to get a latin honor before I graduate in my not-so-dramtic-life in ACLC College Tacloban. Yes, I’m a product of […]


Longest Bridge in the Philippines – San Juanico Bridge

17474454_1289551864468234_143733197_oThis is How San Juanico Bridge Looks Like

Here’s a short clip when I travel across the longest bridge in the Philippines: The San Juanico Bridge, which is located only in Leyte with a total length of 2.16 kilometers. The bridge was actually dedicated to Ferdinand Marcos’ wife, Imelda Marcos. San Juanico Bridge connects for the people of Leyte and Samar. The bridge was built to perfection.

A must visit place when you go in Tacloban City just 10 minutes travel from downtown area.

Funfact: the bridge forms letter “L” when you are facing Leyte side and “S” facing Samar side.

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