Welcome to my blog! I’m MissXy. I love to travel and make fun videos. I love to sing and dance as well but never tried to show it with everybody because I say I’m a little bit shy and I’m never good at it. I can easily spot peculiar things and feelings – not the ghost or something out of this world thingy but to the day-to-day interaction with people. I know who are true to their words and those who are not. I can sense it easily. It’s one of my talents I guess which it’s so subtle in this world full of mask and so much alterations. I’m also the type of girl who you could always trust and laugh with. You will never get a dull moment with me. I catalyze myself to make people happy because I say it’s my job to make people happy and live freely. The world is absolutely full of happiness. You just have to look around and use it to inspire others. That’s why I created this blog to be able to share the things I’m mostly interested in because these make me happy. I hope you join me with my adventure of being true to everything and a loving creature  ready to share a laugh to everybody!




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