One of the Most Unforgettable Moments in My Life|MissXy

What’s up, darlin’? This is just an afternoon thought. I’m a little curious  – WHAT’S THE MOST UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE?

Let’s start with mine. Well, it was when someone cursed me in front of my friends, apparently because of a question I asked him if he already watched How I Met Your Mother. That he should watch it and get a copy of it. Btw, for those who hasn’t watched the series, you should definitely try to watch it because…WAIT FOR IT… why not?! Hahahaha I say I highly recommend this if you want a laugh with Barney Stinson and the gang. You should include it on your must-watch list. You’re welcome! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Ok. Let’s get back to the story. So you know the feeling of being cursed infront of a little crowd? It was undeniably embarrassing. I know it sounds too shallow. But I’m not used to those kind of stuff. It felt like what did I do to deserve those? I respected him for what he does in his life. As far as I can remember, I’ve never done anything wrong to upset him or something. And most especially, there was nothing wrong with what I asked him to watch. That’s why I was really shocked of what has just happened that night.

 I was quarrelling with my subconscious if I should react to what has came off from his tainted mouth by hitting him on the face and rip him off to death or just to slip the thing off. I chose the latter because the first thought was kind of scary that’s why none of it really happened. I just don’t want to get in jail. So I decided to calm myself first without the people around me noticing something that I was really upset. After some time, I was able to shrugged it off my mind even though I want to cry so hard at that time. I pretended to call someone so I could hush myself. I distanced myself from them for a moment. I can’t believe why a person has to say such a horrible thing  just out of the blue and with no apparent reason. 

It was so sad to think because the person I’m referring is one of my relatives. He is such a d*ck! It was hard for me even though I was able to shirk it off that night. It messes me up everytime I get a flashback of it. It keeps on popping in my mind even if I’m in my busiest hours at work. It feels like it’s been hunting me for almost a decade now. So I’ve come to think of it that  it’s time to let go of what had happened that crashing night almost 10 years ago. I can’t believe I let myself suffer for a very long time. So I’ve finally realized this time that people has always something to say, it will never be good, so never give up and be strong. That we should always be careful of what we say to people because you never know how will  it affect their lives, so think twice before you speak. And most importantly, never let people ruin your happiness because it’s you who controls it.

 I’m ultimately now at peace after this little confession. Thanks for reading! How about you? What’s your unforgettable moment that happened in your life? I’d like to hear from you too. ๐Ÿค—


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