When I was still in college, I was so ambitious. On my early years, I wanted to be one of the dean’s listers in every school year I was in so I will be able to get a latin honor before I graduate in my not-so-dramtic-life in ACLC College Tacloban. Yes, I’m a product of the said school. And you’re probably wondering where that is. (I’ve never heard of it. I know!) I took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Management.

This is not me being so ungrateful but I’m actually never really proud of my school because; (1) it’s not popular for my course atleast as like St. Pauls College of Business & Law since ACLC College is a computer school and not a business related school; (2) government/private firms don’t know it existed (experienced school discrimination when I was looking for my 1st decent job) and; (3) it’s never a top school reason why it’s unknown to most people. That is why, I’ve set my goals to atleast receive an award once I graduate so it will be easier for me to be included on the short-listed applicants once I get to the real world of craziness,  if you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰ I also just wanted to be part of the history and be the 1st ever Cumlaude of BSBA in my school. So I decided to work hard and include it also on my goal to get the 2 highest awards which are Best in Case Study and Best in On-the-job Training awards before I graduate. That’s how ambitious I was. Hahahaha So I really prayed hard to God at that time.

Of course, It was never easy because you have to maintain your grades not below 2.0 or else you’ll get no chance of receiving the latin award. But during my first year in college, I was able to get 2.25 grade in my accounting subject. At that point, I was hopeless of getting the Cumlaude award. I was so devastated with the result. But it didn’t stop me. I studied my lessons well. I never skipped classes. I made sure I got good grades on my quizzes & exams. Long story short, I was a dean’s lister for 3 consecutive years except on my 1st year since my accounting teacher gave me 2.25 grade. But I was given some hope when my adviser announced to our class that I was running for Cumlaude and that I have to maintain the good grades until graduation. I thought it was a joke but it wasn’t. She said that it was okay to have a grade atleast 2.25 as long as you reach the general average for Cumlaude. I was so happy to hear the news at that moment. After hearing the news, I remember, I went home and immediately went to the bathroom, I was silently crying there because I really wanted to achieve what I had set in mind. So I prayed again to the Lord and tried to assess myself if I could get the two awards. For Best in OJT, I was thinking, it would not be impossible since I got 1.0 grade. While for Best in Case study, I literally put all the efforts of hunting the firm where I’d be conducting my study, the intensive panel interviews and all the sleepless nights so I could produce the book and submit it on time despite of all the difficulty I had encountered since this was the time when Typhoon Yolanda struck Tacloban City and there were only few business establishments survived. I was hoping I could get the awards. But had accepted the chances if ever I have never gotten the awards too. It was all fine. Everything has a reason and I trusted God with his decision.

So after weeks of waiting, the honors were announced and I was so amazed that I got all three. I immediately called my parents to break the news. Because that’s all I could offer that time to show them that I was so thankful and grateful to everything they had sarcrificed for me just to send me to school. That’s when I truly believed in prayers – a powerful weapon to every situation. 

Afterall, I’m still thankful for my dear alma mater that it has given me a chance to meet awesome and brilliant people and be able to help bring out the best in me through-out the years of my college ordeal. 

DICLAIMER: Btw, this is to just inform you that I’m not bragging or anything.I just want to share the most magical thing that happened to me once you believe in God and to never be afraid to ask the things you want to achieve in life because He never fails no one once you show Him the value of your great effort. He provides the best for you that you could never imagine. So never be fearful in believing yourself. Always have faith & trust God. He will do the rest.  πŸ™ŒπŸ» Also, it doesn’t mean I graduated as a Cumlaude, I’m good in english. I’m never good at it. So please bare with it. 

Thank you for reading til the end. I hope I was able to convince you to pray all the time and always trust God no matter the what the situation you are into.

Much love,

MissXy ❀️


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