A waray-waray sweetheart who loves to sing and dance but obviously she doesn’t love her back. She incredibly eats like a jumbo but amazingly never gets baby fat at all. She wished to be a princess when she got 18 years old and it wasn’t granted. Her long-time dream is to explore New York City but her job can’t support any of the expenses it will cost her to get there. She is just as shy as you are when you meet someone for the first time. But when you get to know her, your world will  definitely spin in a rapid fire and with so much rainbows dipped in an ice cream everyday. In short, W-E-I-R-D! *Lol

But in life, no matter how difficult it can be and no matter how her destiny tries to say NO to everything she does, she just laugh at it and never quit. Life must go on because that’s what life requires us to do. Never be afraid what life throws at you because everything happens for a reason.  And we are here in this world to discover all of those reasons freely and happily.

Be happy and always be a blessing to everybody!